Welcome to Life Improvement Northwest!

If something detrimental is affecting or ruining your life, a Scientology Life Improvement Course is the answer.

Each course gives you practical tools, and includes assignments that help you learn and understand how to use them. As you learn to use each new tool, you can immediately apply it to your life. Follow the links below to learn more.

babyBaby coming? With love and affection, give your baby the best in life. children

Trouble with kids? Lead the way to adulthood by helping children build their own tomorrows.

tweens and teensTeens? Create harmony with your tweens and teens by becoming a better parent.create a marriage

Getting married? Learn how to create a marriage that will last a lifetime.

salvage a marriageMarriage on the rocks? Bring your marriage back to life.

maintain a marriageHow do I keep the happiness alive? You can enjoy a lifetime together.

formulas for successWant to improve conditions? Know the exact steps to a better life: Formulas for living.

financial stressFinancial stress? You Can Take Control! Go from stress to success.

securityWhat is the key to your security? Unlock the doors to success in the game of life.

prosperityAchieve abundance in all things. Direct your own prosperity and help those around you do better as well.

get motivatedHow can I accomplish more? Here’s how to really get going in life.

get organizedAcquire organizational genius and achieve your objectives with speed and ease.

manage time How can I get more done in less time? Make every effort count.goals

Make your dreams come true. Learn how to set goals and achieve them.

leadership skillsWhat does it take to lead successfully? Master the skills of leadership.ups and downs

One day up…the next day down. Now you can gain stability and succeed.

personal integrityIs there a proven route to success and happiness? There is, and it’s open to all.lasting friendships

How can I build friendships that last? Know the secrets of enduring friendship.

trustGood or bad: How can I tell people apart? Find out.self confidence

Am I directing my life? Become more certain.

Each course comes with a workbook that contains all required materials.

Contact the Scientology Life Improvement Center closest to you to take your next step towards gaining full control of your life.


About lecox

Scientologist. Before that I was an Electronics Tech. Before that I was an artist. And before that I don't remember yet.
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