Salvaging a Marriage

course packWhen a marriage seems headed for trouble, what is the remedy?

If a couple is constantly at odds, what can be done?

And if one or both are thinking of  separating and the marriage is already on the rocks, is there a way to avoid what seems inevitable?

L. Ron Hubbard isolated exactly why a marriage breaks up, why communication between two people dwindles and why a marriage partner wants to leave. Find out how to salvage the situation.

On the Salvaging a Marriage Course you will learn:

  • The three elements common to every relationship that you can use to build a lasting and prosperous union.
  • How to resolve the common source of upsets between husband and wife.
  • The reason marriage partners decide to separate—and the tools to remedy it.

The basic truths in this course govern all relationships. They comprise the only truly workable technology of relationships and have salvaged thousands, old and new.

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